Sensitive power

Rosana Paulino’s exhibition, A costura da memória, finishes at the São Paulo’s Pinacoteca and goes to the Rio Art Museum (MAR)

A garden of codes

The duo Detanico Lain presents its second individual in an institution in Brazil and show its relation with the language

Connections at MAM’s collection

Exhibition that was presented at the Phoenix Art Museum is brought to the institution in São Paulo

Portrait of Paul Klee when in balance

Show in the Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil in São Paulo explains the genius of the swiss artist

The affective rigor of Farnese, in its entirety

Exhibition revisits the graphic and three-dimensional work of the Minas Gerais artist, trying to understand its genesis and repositioning its importance in the history of Brazilian art

Stephen Dean, the color as a connection of the look

The Franco-American artist works dicroic glass with saturation, reflexivity and transparency.
Anna Maria Maiolino

The Alphabet of an Alchemist

At 76, Anna Maria Maiolino wants to take a moment to have fun experiencig new things

Stirring structures

Questioner, André Komatsu positions his work in a powerful way on questions of the system

Publication presents plural view of Pedro Motta’s work

The book brings together ten series produced by the plastic artist and photographer in the last decade, each accompanied by an author’s text

IMS attests affection and defense of the yanomami

Claudia Andujar’s second show at the institution brings her commitment to the indigenous cause in exemplary research