Collaborators of the issue #55

See who are some of the collaborators to the #55 issue of arte!brasileiros

The last great modern architect in Brazil

After his death, arte!brasileiros recalls an interview with Paulo Mendes da Rocha in 2016, in which the architect made it clear that, more than a specialist, the architect must be a thinker of the world, attentive to human needs and desires

Paiz Art Biennial focuses on cultural diversity and crises in Latin...

In an interview with arte!brasileiros, Chilean curator Alexia Tala talks about the 22nd edition of the Guatemalan Biennial, which raised debates about native peoples, their worldviews, and opinions about immigration and contemporary crises

A book of many hands, minds and lives

Organized by Flávio dos Santos Gomes, Jaime Lauriano and Lilia Schwarcz, "Encilopédia Negra" confronts the historiography that denies visibility to the contributions of black people; publication also unfolds in an exhibition at the Pinacoteca

Editorial: In mourning I fight

"We are traversed by the inevitable awareness of the loss of values ​​in our society, which is collapsing", writes Patricia Rousseaux in the editorial of issue #55 of arte!brasileiros

Artist collectives reflect the spirit of the time

Both the choice of five collectives as nominees for the Turner Prize, in 2021, and the announcement of 14 collectives as the first participants...

José Damasceno and Mona Lisa’s smile

It gives a certain relief to enter José Damasceno’s exhibition, Moto-continuo, at Estação Pinacoteca, in such an unfavorable context, when a CPI unveils all...
"Gargalheira ou quem falará por nós", Sidney Amaral, 2014. Foto: Coleção particular/Cortesia Sesc Jundiaí

Letter to Sidney Amaral

In the context of holding the exhibition "Viver até o fim o que me cabe! - Sidney Amaral: aproximação", at Sesc Jundiaí, artist and curator Daniel Lima writes a correspondence directed to the São Paulo artist, who died in 2017

The transitory character of things

Active since the 1980s, Carlito Carvalhosa demonstrated a permanent desire to subtly transform our apprehension of what surrounds us; artist passed early, at the age of 59, and leaves an important legacy of interventions in national and international institutions

A triennial in progress

In the midst of a pandemic and political crisis context, what are the curatorial and exhibition possibilities? This was one of the questions that...