The place of art

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Artistic practice as historian practice

Curated by Ana Pato, Meta–Arquivo exhibition brings together unseen works by nine artists and collectives from archival research on the Brazilian military dictatorship

Sensitive power

Rosana Paulino’s exhibition, A costura da memória, finishes at the São Paulo’s Pinacoteca and goes to the Rio Art Museum (MAR)

A garden of codes

The duo Detanico Lain presents its second individual in an institution in Brazil and show its relation with the language

Viewing and inter-viewing Cildo Meireles

Carioca artist’s extensive “poetic and historical anthology” occupies Sesc Pompeia, in São Paulo, with about 150 works that defy the senses, invite interaction and point to the permanence of violence experienced in Brazil since the colonial and the military dictatorship period to this day

When art is resistance

More than 100 artists participate in the show "What is not a forest is a political prison" at ReOcupa Gallery, engaging cultural production in a housing movement struggle project

Far Beyond Art

Choice of Indonesian collective ruangrupa for artistic direction of Documenta reinforces the trend of proposals that goes beyond spaces such as museums and galleries

A detour to Chapada

LTO artistic residence, in Alto Paraíso de Goiás, seeks to create an alternative for production and reflection amid the region considered an ecological sanctuary

IMS attests affection and defense of the yanomami

Claudia Andujar’s second show at the institution brings her commitment to the indigenous cause in exemplary research
Retrato da série 'As Mulheres de Lá', de Fernanda Feher

Art needs identity

Artist-in-residence at Pivô research program, Fernanda Feher only found herself when she united art with militancy