David Magna, T3c36, 2019. acrílico colorido.

The challenge of the possible makes 13ª Havana Biennial breathes

With this theme, the exhibition appears after four years, interrupted by the hurricane Irma in 2017

A detour to Chapada

LTO artistic residence, in Alto Paraíso de Goiás, seeks to create an alternative for production and reflection amid the region considered an ecological sanctuary
Voltarei e serei milhões

Marcela Cantuária: “Give to whom it hurts”

Artist presents La Larga Noche De Los 500 Años exhibition until December 20, 2019, at A Gentil Carioca Gallery in Rio de Janeiro
Octógono da pinacoteca de São Paulo

Pinacoteca reviews and updates Beuys and Oiticica

Exhibition Somos muit+s: experiments on collectivity brings 20th century artists who repositioned art in dialogue with current projects

A garden of codes

The duo Detanico Lain presents its second individual in an institution in Brazil and show its relation with the language

Vaivém deals with Brazilian culture beyond art

Exhibition curated by Raphael Fonseca addresses the hammock under multiple perspectives in CCBB

Berlin reduces radicalism of Hubert Fichte

In an ambitious encyclopedic project, Haus der Kulturen der Welt does not treat sexuality and spirituality with the same vigor as the German author’s narratives.
Hudinilson em seu ateliê

The reinvented world of Hudinilson Junior to be checked in show

Dandi, dark, flaneur, any adjective does not translate who was the artist, the face of São Paulo

Photography of the memory

With works on the resistance to the Salazarist dictatorship in Portugal, Operation Condor in South America and Police Violence in Rio de Janeiro, Portuguese photographer João Pina deals with, from records, the past history and trauma

Far Beyond Art

Choice of Indonesian collective ruangrupa for artistic direction of Documenta reinforces the trend of proposals that goes beyond spaces such as museums and galleries