The regionalization of Art Basel

After having been successful in sales in the Miami Beach edition, the fair lands in Hong Kong
Retrato da série 'As Mulheres de Lá', de Fernanda Feher

Art needs identity

Artist-in-residence at Pivô research program, Fernanda Feher only found herself when she united art with militancy

A “Sertão Art” of experimentation and resistance

Intitled SertÃo, 36º Panorama of Brazilian Art, at MAM, raises current political issues through the work of 29 artists, mostly young people who work outside the institutional and marketing artistic circuit

The affective rigor of Farnese, in its entirety

Exhibition revisits the graphic and three-dimensional work of the Minas Gerais artist, trying to understand its genesis and repositioning its importance in the history of Brazilian art

The impulses of Iole de Freitas

Book launched by Cobogó and organized by Paulo Venancio Filho shows the artist’s work from the perspective of body and space
Cozinha Aberta

A place where to remember is to act

Founded in the 1940s by progressive Jews, Casa do Povo overcomes 30 years of crisis and consolidates itself as a prolific cultural center, experimental space of coexistence and performance of multidisciplinary artistic collectives and autonomous movements

Stirring structures

Questioner, André Komatsu positions his work in a powerful way on questions of the system

A garden of codes

The duo Detanico Lain presents its second individual in an institution in Brazil and show its relation with the language

13th Havana Biennial captures tensions voltages of the world

From fake news to migrations, from ecology to racism, from city to gender issues, cuba’s largest art event starts on april 12

Clarissa Tossin is featured at Art Basel Hong Kong

Artist is in the Discoveries section with a gallery Commonwealth and Council