Adriana Varejão: For a cannibal rhetoric

The exhibition markes the first solo show by artist in the northeast, territory of strong baroque heritage and colonial slavery

“We agreed we are not going to die”, 2019

Confira editorial da edição 47 da ARTE!Brasileiros

The transitory character of things

Active since the 1980s, Carlito Carvalhosa demonstrated a permanent desire to subtly transform our apprehension of what surrounds us; artist passed early, at the age of 59, and leaves an important legacy of interventions in national and international institutions
Dana Awartani

“Imagined Communities”, no need to scream to be heard

21st edition of the Sesc_Videobrasil Biennial, inaugurated in sesc 24 de maio, has its highlights in the diversity of themes
Sérgio Sister, Esticados

Sérgio Sister and his resistance weapons

The austere and rigorous works that Sister produces today keep, from the paintings and drawings of his early period, the same force.
Hudinilson em seu ateliê

The reinvented world of Hudinilson Junior to be checked in show

Dandi, dark, flaneur, any adjective does not translate who was the artist, the face of São Paulo
AES+F, Inverso Mundus, 2015

14th Curitiba Biennial and the current urgencies

With open borders as a theme, the exhibition is inspired by the celebrations of the 30th anniversary of the fall of Berlin wall
Joseph Beuys, La Rivoluzioni Siamo Noi (1972). Foto: Cortesia Bergamin & Gomide.

Joseph Beuys and the abandonment of art

One of the most radical and influential artists of the second half of the 20th century, an inescapable reference for contemporary production, would complete 100 years in 2021; arte!brasileiros publishes text that analyzes different moments and works of the german artist’s trajectory

The restoration and preservation of the works By Bispo do Rosário...

Artist is currently considered one of the exponents of contemporary Brazilian art, along with important names like Lygia Clark and Hélio Oiticica

A “Sertão Art” of experimentation and resistance

Intitled SertÃo, 36º Panorama of Brazilian Art, at MAM, raises current political issues through the work of 29 artists, mostly young people who work outside the institutional and marketing artistic circuit