“We agreed we are not going to die”, 2019

Confira editorial da edição 47 da ARTE!Brasileiros
David Magna, T3c36, 2019. acrílico colorido.

The challenge of the possible makes 13ª Havana Biennial breathes

With this theme, the exhibition appears after four years, interrupted by the hurricane Irma in 2017
Laura Vinci

Visual arts get inside FLIP

New project seeks to insert arts in the Paraty International Literary Festival and pannels with names that work visual arts in their most various forms show that the event seeks to be even more interdisciplinary
Coleção Orandi Momesso

Aproximações: Brief introduction to the Brazilian art of the XX century

Exhibition curated by Aracy Amaral inaugurated iat the Fábrica de Arte Marcos Amaro (Fama) which, in the process of settlement, causes fascination and is a gift for Itu
Carlito Carvalhosa, Já Estava Assim Quando Cheguei, 2019

The inclusive policy by Sesc-SP also holds true for art

New building, which in its first weekend received 24 thousand visitors, presents several works signed by more than 15 artists
Fabricio Lopes, Estuário, 2008-2009.

Xilo: Body and Landscape

The inaugural exhibition of the new Sesc building captivates the lively woodcut production in São Paulo in the last three decades
Cozinha Aberta

A place where to remember is to act

Founded in the 1940s by progressive Jews, Casa do Povo overcomes 30 years of crisis and consolidates itself as a prolific cultural center, experimental space of coexistence and performance of multidisciplinary artistic collectives and autonomous movements
Acima, Ernesto Neto, O Sagrado É Amor, 2017

Pinacoteca shows indigenist project of Ernesto Neto

In the Octagon of the Pinacoteca, Cura Bra Cura Té hosts participative activations)
O assassinato de Piersanti Mattarella, Governador da Sicília, em 1980.

Witnesses of evil, of good, of life

Works and trajectories of Letizia Battaglia and Sergio Larrain are at exhibitions at the Moreira Salles Institute in São Paulo
Nazareth Pacheco

Nazareth Pacheco: creation as triumph of life

Exhibition Registros/Records... in the gallery Kogan Amaro condenses the work of memory made by the artist throughout her life
Frequentes Conclusões Falsas

A painting done of debris and memories

Time seems to be hanging on the canvases of David Magila
Hudinilson em seu ateliê

The reinvented world of Hudinilson Junior to be checked in show

Dandi, dark, flaneur, any adjective does not translate who was the artist, the face of São Paulo
Juliana Notari, Mimoso, 2014

275 Times Northeast

Exhibition À Nordeste, at SESC 24 de maio, seeks to discuss the imaginary about brazilian northeast without folkling it

A “Sertão Art” of experimentation and resistance

Intitled SertÃo, 36º Panorama of Brazilian Art, at MAM, raises current political issues through the work of 29 artists, mostly young people who work outside the institutional and marketing artistic circuit
Vista de parte da exposição que está em cartaz no SESC 24 de Maio.

A Curatorship

By Aracy Amaral A CURATORSHIP  IS NOT AN EASY TASK TO BE CONCEIVED. Especially if the number of participants is extensive, the space difficult, and great reluctance to leave aside all that could be selected. ...