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They always were

Exhibitions “Women’s Histories” and “Feminist Histories” at MASP map the plastic creation of authors in different historical moments

Artistic practice as historian practice

Curated by Ana Pato, Meta–Arquivo exhibition brings together unseen works by nine artists and collectives from archival research on the Brazilian military dictatorship

Herzog Occupation: going beyond the political drama

Itaú Cultural dedicates 46th edition of occupation project, portraiting great figures of brazilian culture, to Vladimir Herzog journal killed by military dietrican in 1975

Photography of the memory

With works on the resistance to the Salazarist dictatorship in Portugal, Operation Condor in South America and Police Violence in Rio de Janeiro, Portuguese photographer João Pina deals with, from records, the past history and trauma

Half a century of records

On the walls of the Espaço Cultural Porto Seguro, 400 photos composed Carlos Moreira’s retrospective
Sérgio Sister, Esticados

Sérgio Sister and his resistance weapons

The austere and rigorous works that Sister produces today keep, from the paintings and drawings of his early period, the same force.

Flávio de Carvalho: a permanent experimentation

Designer, painter and performer, the artist has an important retrospective at Dlmeida e Dale gallery

Adriana Varejão: For a cannibal rhetoric

The exhibition markes the first solo show by artist in the northeast, territory of strong baroque heritage and colonial slavery
Nheë Nheë Nheë

Nheë Nheë nheë, genealogy of the tropical leisure

Ludic, brave and existential, Márcio Almeida recommends the leisure to come to a creative moment of truth

For an allowed list

Organized by Paulo Miyada, book ai-5 50 anos: ainda não terminou de acabar seizes the homonymous exhibition that took place in 2018