Fabio Schwarcwald

Fabio Szwarcwald talks about new projects and overcoming the financial crisis...

Fabio Szwarcwald had barely taken over the direction of the Museum of Modern Art of Rio de Janeiro (Mam Rio) when the coronavirus pandemic forced...
Guidon, man of Betanimen

The intertwined times of Rosângela Rennó

Exhibition at Estação Pinacoteca presents a wide range of researches developed by the artist from Minas Gerais over 35 years of career, most of them having as main elements memory and photographic image.
country art biennial

Bienal de Arte Paiz, in Guatemala, focuses on cultural diversity...

In interview with arte!brasileiros, Chilean curator Alexia Tala talks about the 22nd edition of the Guatemalan biennial, which raised debates on native peoples and their worldviews, immigration and contemporary crises

Paralysis of the Secretary of Culture must have tragic result for the...

For the lawyer, a specialist in cultural policies, obstacles to the operation of the incentive law must break institutions and cultural agents; In this context, Olivieri celebrates the implementation of the Aldir Blanc Law and its innovative model for the country
latin american art

For Gerardo Mosquera, it is necessary to free oneself from a reductionist Latin American identity

Despite recognizing the importance of the concept of "Latin American art", Cuban critic and curator affirms that it is necessary to free oneself from a totalizing "neurosis" that prevailed on the continent and to value plurality, diversity and contradictions.

Benjamin Seroussi: first the gestures, then the words

Benjamin Seroussi, director of Casa do Povo, talks about the reasons why the São Paulo cultural center started to act directly, not only in the virtual environment, during the crisis caused by the pandemic (and by the government) and highlights the difficulties and solutions to finance the space activities
Van Gogh

Rodrigo Naves talks about his new book, “Van Gogh: A Salvação...

Gabriel San Martin* On February 5th, writer and art critic Rodrigo Naves published his new book: Van Gogh: A Salvação...
by the brook

Pola Ribeiro assumes the direction of MAM-BA and says that it is necessary...

Filmmaker and manager takes over the Museum of Modern Art of Bahia after the institution has been without direction for almost a year and talks about bringing in a new curator, bringing the museum closer to the city and the population and strengthening the educational work

Aracy Amaral: a researcher driven by curiosity and rigor

A keen observer of the cultural scene since the 1950s, critic, researcher and art historian Aracy Amaral talks about her training, trajectory and the challenge of curating in times of a pandemic
The artist, collector and president of FAMA, Marcos Amaro

“If there was a country project, culture would certainly be a...

President of FAMA, the artist and collector speaks to arte!brasileiros about the reopening of the institution, its educational role and promotion of the arts, in addition to commenting on the Brazilian political context