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Jutai River. State of Amazonas, Brazil, 2017. Photo: Sebastião Salgado.

Paradise must be defended

Sebastião Salgado portrays the beauty of the Amazon and its peoples in an urgent plea for the salvation of the forest
"À Procura de Emprego", 1948. Courtesy: Galeria Utópica

The restless and tireless look of German Lorca

One of the great modern photographers of our country, member of Foto Cine Clube Bandeirante in the 1950s, born in São Paulo, he left a legacy of more than 70 years transiting through urban records, experimental or advertising photographs
João Pereira de Araújo photographed by Gideon Mendel for his "Submerged Portraits" series.

‘Come and See’

“There was a point for me where I was researching the imagery of climate change and I felt that it was very white on many levels, and very distant – images of polar bears...